Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of common questions and answers customers ask before, during and after deploying Forms2Apps.

If you can't find the answer to your question, call our 1300 38 38 28 toll-free number to speak with Sales and we'll answer your questions.

General Questions

What's so good about Forms2Apps?

We have analysed most online form development and app programs on the market and none provide the flexibility, functionality nor scalability of our platform.

Being able to customise your online forms to exactly replicate your current paper based forms is a game changer for organisations - particularly if certified management systems are in place.

Standout features such as offline use, mapping, automations, integrations and access to your data in various formats and reports are the tip of the iceberg.

For a full feature list, please review our Features page.
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Can I brand my forms?

Yes. We customise your forms with your company branding.
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What industries do you create apps for?

Our apps are not industry specific.

If there is a paper based form being used, we can replace it with its online equivalent that runs on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.  We call this digital transformation.

Data collected from online forms can be placed right into your document templates to seamlessly integrate with your current workflow.
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How do you develop the forms?

We develop your forms in a 'low-code environment'.

This means you are able to receive your forms super quick and much cheaper than traditional hard coded form and application developments.
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Do you have standard forms that I can use?

Yes. We have a series of commonly used forms that are utilised within most organisations. Our background is certified management systems so we have paper forms ready to convert for most industries.

We can modify our standard forms to suit your specific requirements, however in most cases it is generally quicker to develop your unique form the way you would like to see it.
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Does it take long to convert a document to an online form?

No. Depending on the complexity of the form required to be converted, it can take a few short hours, or days with complex forms for the actual development process with testing.

We can advise time frames after reviewing your existing documents and  understanding the scope of work.
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Technical Questions

Do your online forms work on any device?

All online forms will run on any device with an Internet browser including mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.

You do not even need a working Internet connection to fill in forms, only to upload responses collected.

We also have specific store apps for both the Apple iOS and Android platforms.

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Can I view and use online forms on my laptop or desktop computer?

Our online forms run on any device with an Internet browser including laptop and desktop computers. (The only exception to this is bar-code scanning and push notifications which require mobile functionality to use.)

It's important to note that Forms2Apps is not just a mobile phone application - it is a complete platform. This means you can use fullscreen dashboards for business intelligence insights.
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How many users can I have?

As many as you like. Our platform can handle unlimited users.
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Is my data secure?

Forms2Apps does not store your data. The Forms2Apps online forms themselves are stored in a secure cloud database.

Your data is stored in a cloud data provider such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Smartsheet, Office365 and others, depending on how we build the app.

You sign into your app with your cloud storage account using the industry standard OAuth protocol. This authenticates you as the user being able to read and write to the cloud based servers. 

Communication of data in transit between Forms2Apps and your cloud storage provider uses secure web protocols such as HTTPS.
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Do forms work offline?

Yes. Our forms are designed to work through no or intermittent connectivity.

For example, users working in remote locations for industries such as mining, transport, land surveying and more which have restricted or no Internet access, are not prevented from working normally.

All changes are saved locally and are queued up to send over the network when they have access to a reliable connection or choose to sync.
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Can I restrict users from seeing others users information?

Yes. We enable security permission settings to filter data based on how you want users to interact with the app.
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Do I get to use the raw data from the mobile forms?

Yes. We can sync the data collected from your forms to your own online storage (user permission required) so you have access to all your field information. Data will be stored to either a Google Sheet or Microsoft Excel file format.

We can even arrange for automated emails containing a copy of your data to be sent hourly, daily, weekly or some other customised frequency.
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Can I maintain the users of the apps?

Yes. We provide you with an Administration App that allows you to add, edit or remove users

You can also administer projects, employees or any table containing information that is central across multiple apps. This integrated approach enables the maintenance of key data across multiple apps through one access point.
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How many online forms can I use?

As many as you like. Our platform can handle unlimited forms.
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Support Questions

What if I have a problem with a form or the app?

We provide email and phone support to answer your questions.

Contact the 1300 38 38 28 toll-free number to speak with Customer Support.
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Are you local?

We are headquartered in South East Queensland and are Australian owned.

All our customer facing staff are native and English speaking.
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Do I need to pay for support?

We currently do not charge for customer support no matter what size organisation you are.
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Pricing Questions

How do you calculate your costings?

There are three factors involved in your costings:

1. A fixed, monthly fee which covers data storage, support, on-boarding, education and configuration of your account based on the number of users.

2. A flat monthly fee for the Administration App which allows your administrator(s) to manage your online forms company wide.  This includes three of our standard forms complimentary.

3. A monthly per-user fee which includes three online forms.
Additional paper based forms converted to online forms has a once off setup fee plus a monthly, per-user fee.

All of the above is already factored into our fixed price costings so you know your outgoings before moving ahead.
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Are custom made apps expensive?

Our online forms are very affordable and the return on investment is significant.

With the emergence of "low code" platforms, the traditional hard-coded methods are both outdated and out of reach for most organisations due to the high cost.

We would be happy to demonstrate the return on investment your organisation could enjoy. Please get in touch with us through the Contact Us page.
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Are there any contracts involved?

Yes. We ask that you initially agree to a 12 month usage plan. After this period you can renew for another 12 months (cheaper) or revert to a month by month option.
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Do you have further questions?

We'd be happy to help.

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