Our Story

VISION: To make life easier for organisations
MISSION: Solving process problems using the latest mobile technology


After 40 years in the construction industry - from the late 1970's to today - Craig our founder worked his way through virtually every position in the industry - labourer, carpenter, leading hand, foreman, project manager, general manager, inspector and industry consultant.
This insight into every position and facet of construction organisations provided a winning advantage when Safety In Industry  commenced in 2011.


It was during this time that Craig saw digital transformation taking place in the world at large, but noticed a slow take-up by the construction industry at large, primarily due to cost.
Craig was determined to solve this. 
He spent years researching, sourcing, trialing and experimenting with new technologies to come up with a cost effective solution that solved the problems clients and industry struggled with.
In February 2018, Craig finally settled on a technology solution that ticked all the boxes to enhance and streamline the 'site or field to office  information interface'.


And Forms2Apps began - a software solution that not only allows bespoke apps to be developed in rapid time, but is suitable for Mum and Dad businesses through to multinational companies. Now everyone can experience process automation.
Forms2Apps utilises mobile app technology to reduce administration costs and time, whilst providing real time data to management. Turning any paper based form into a mobile solution is at the heart of the automation process.
Craig Clancy
Founder, Forms2Apps

"Our mission is to solve process problems using the latest mobile advancements, making life easier for organisations."

Eliminate paper forms and make your life easier, starting today.

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